Take your email marketing to the next level!

1. Be personal with your emails.

Personalization is one of the easiest and most important improvements that you can make to your email marketing campaigns. However, many people assume that personalization simply means addressing a subscriber by name. While that is the first step to personalizing your emails, there is a lot more you can do:

  • Be current & relevant when it comes to news, tips and topics
  • Send well written, respectful and timely emails
  • Anticipate the needs of your readers / subscribers

Being personal with your emails will result in higher retention of subscribers, and better responses all around. You’ll be seeing more click throughs and website traffic than ever before.

2. Don’t spam Promotions.

The main goal of most email marketing is to grow your business, but promotions are not the only way to do so. The heart of your email marketing should be to establish and nurture healthy relationships with your subscribers (aka customers).

What should be in your email marketing campaigns?

  • Fresh & Unique Content (news, updates, etc)
  • Blog Articles (preferably from your own website; click the link to learn more)
  • Funny Graphics (use these sparingly, and in combination with other content)
  • Promotions (Yes, you still need to send these.)

3. Don’t be afraid to use Automation.

Automation is all the rage these days. Automating your email campaigns will help you:

  • Increase conversion rates (subscriber, traffic and sales)
  • Improve efficiency (save you both time and money)
  • Allow you to easily scale (organize, evaluate and plan ahead)

Apart from these three reasons, there are many advantages to email marketing automation. One huge advantage is that you will have more time to spend on other aspects of growing and marketing your business (click the link to learn more ways that market and grow your business).

4. Segment your email subscribers.

Segmentation is the process of dividing and grouping subscribers by common attributes. Doing this allows you to:

  • Design customized funnels that are unique to a subset or group of subscribers.
  • Create personalized content that will better influence a particular group of customers.

Some people go as far as never sending the same email to their entire list of subscribers. Segmenting your subscriber base goes hand-in-hand with personalizing your email campaigns.

5. A/B testing is a must do for every business.

Always test important elements of your email campaigns to ensure accuracy and quality. Make sure that the email reads correctly, displays properly, and that the links within work as intended.

We hope that this article helps you take your email marketing campaigns to the next level! For more business tips check out our blog!

by DJ Zauner – Content Creator & Marketing Specialist 

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