Chicago confirms 67 shot and counting.

Long, long ago, in the depths of 2020, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) described Chicago as “the largest outdoor shooting range in America.” Based on the gunshot reports from this weekend, Chicago under the Democratic leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot has not much improved. From Friday until Monday morning at 5:15 AM, the gunshot toll reached “at least 67.” These numbers are not yet included in the overall totals for Chicago homicides this year, which reached 316 as of June 23, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The gunplay started early in Chicago; almost half of that 67 toll was reached in the 24 hours between Friday and Saturday night, where 27 people were shot. Sunday alone featured the closest thing to a day of rest Chicagoland shooters got, as 17 people were shot and two were killed outright in Sunday attacks.

One of the attacks was a drive-by shooting that featured five injuries and one death, as a passing SUV near East 71st Street and Jeffery Boulevard killed one woman who had been shot six times. The second attack featured no less than three armed men who emerged from an alley  near West 63rd Street and South Artesian Avenue in Marquette Park. That attack added up to 10 wounded—six men and four women—and one fatality, a fifth woman who died as a result of her injuries. The ages of the wounded run the gamut, notes a report from CNN, in which the women were between 24 and 57, while the men held a closer range, between 21 and 42. The men’s condition was between “good “ and “serious”, though there’s not much word about the women’s condition.

Ineffective gun safety laws already in place.

Chicago offers a full range of thoroughly ineffective gun safety laws, including red flag laws, a 72-hour waiting period, and a Firearm Owners Identification card that requires a background check to obtain. Further, Chicago—by virtue of its location in Cook County—also works under an “assault weapons” ban that apparently failed to consider the weapons that assaulted at least 67 people over the weekend.

Once again, it becomes clear that gun laws only work to stop those who follow laws to begin with, not those who would break the law using guns in the first place.

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