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Ted Cruz who may be the smartest elected official in the country, and who is also one of my favorites, called out Lin Wood today. “I don’t know who this clown is, but anyone saying America would be better off w/ Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader—producing huge tax increases, the Green New Deal, massive amnesty & a packed Supreme Court destroying the Bill of Rights—is trying to mislead the people of Georgia.”

I have heard some of my favorite radio show hosts state that Trump is hurting the country, and acting selfish by calling out election fraud when he does not have proof. They believe that he will cost the republicans the senate in Georgia, and that he should let the court process play out, while lead the country to focus on what lies ahead.

Up against the tycoons of intellect, the tiny little brain in the person of the Anti-Karl Marx should just shut up. However, this little mind is frustrated enough about what has been perpetrated on our great nation, that silence does not seem to be a virtue.

Electing Fraud prologue

The question at hand is, was there enough election fraud to reasonably conclude that the election was/could have been stolen? The year is 2020, and we are all old enough to remember how the media and Democrats spun stories; telling all who were foolish enough to listen that Donald J’s last name was really Putin. This outlandish claim was easily proven to be just another deep state conspiracy theory. The mainstream media spent months, night after night, apologizing for all the false reporting, horrific claims, and personal attacks they levied against Mr. Trump. Oh wait, they forgot to do that. Instead they prosecuted general Flynn a true American hero, attacked 15 year old Christian kids, and falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh.

That was quickly followed by Demonic party members Adam Shiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosio and others, attempts to subpoena and prosecute Trump, his kids, and everyone who voted for him, in an obvious attempt to intimidate “we the people”. It was their hope that we would not vote for him again. Once more the MSM colluded with the Demonic Party. Then came the impeachment joke, the Covid massacre, exposing numerous politicians as tyrants and anti-religion bigots (As all tyrants are).

Along the way we got to meet numerous corrupt judges, FBI, & CIA agents, sufficient to plant reasonable doubt in intelligent people’s minds, questioning whether we still had a country where people were equal under the law.

Shockingly, Trump was still popular spurring the Democrats to unleash ANTIFA and BLM on our cities, making it clear that a $250,000 education did teach these thugs how to light fires and steal other people’s stuff!

In this crumbling locked down country, which is currently under attack from the elites, one big man and a few tough lawyers stood up to fight the good fight, giving “we the people” hope that Americans will be able to come to their senses.

Almost struck down by the Chinese virus, this unbreakable man comes gliding though the burning flames of downtown cities, packing stadiums, airports and parking lots, clarifying for the entire country to see, he had a growing army who mirrored his adoration and would crawl over broken glass to cast their vote for Super-Trump. This was not because he was pleasant to look at or gentlemanly, but because he smacked the elites, back up the ass holes they escaped from!!!

The Democratic party could not believe that the orange man was still standing tall. The states then decided that they needed to send out extra ballots for mail in voting, even though mail in ballots were previously and repeatedly deemed ripe for fraud, by both the Republican and the Democratic parties. They exclaimed this was needed as a result of the pandemic, but the Democrats introduced their mail in balloting scheme, in a bill on the floor of the congress in January 2019. Either the Democratic party was planning this scam long in advance of the pandemic, or they were planning the pandemic long before 2020.

Leading up to the election, we saw something which has never happened before. The media, and big tech started blatantly censoring Donald J and all his followers, calling us conspiracy theorists for daring to point out they were in fact openly trying to affect the outcome of the coming elections. They not only ignored credible evidence that Biden was on the take from China, Ukraine, and any country with an A or E in its name, but they went so far as to deliberately conceal this mounting evidence from the American people.


Election night, week, month.

All polls predicted there was about to be a blue wave. This time however, no one who was not addicted to the MSM believed the prognosticators. In one corner sat the energetic unbreakable orange man, and in the other corner sat the dementia tormented, old pedophile, playing with the hair on his legs; dreaming against all hope that he could get them to stand up just once more.

Predictably, Trump was ahead comfortably when something unique happened. For the first time in American election history, every one of the swing states stopped counting. A few hours later when the counting resumed, trumps sizable leads had disappeared. The rest is history; followed by allegations of massive voter fraud across the country.

Mainstream elite republicans contend.

Trump cannot win in court, and as such should do what is best for the country and not pursue the issue. Furthermore, he should not make claims he cannot back up as this can infuriate his already fuming voters and instigate a civil war. Many republicans went so far as to congratulate cheating Joe and Kamila Harris. They are asking republican voters to move on and not fight over spilled milk! Let the courts handle it they say; everything will work out fine.

The alternate republican views.

In a diabolical act of suicide Fox News decided to betray its adoring audience by calling Arizona and obnoxiously sticking to its call, long before anyone could have known the outcome in that state. After the election Fox went blue and immediately was bleeding red. Ratings for FOX have dropped for various shows, anywhere from 35%-70% and continue to plummet. The message should have been clear to all republicans. What message you ask?

Firstly, that Trump is the R party. He was the messiah, that “we the people” had been waiting for since Ronald Reagan all those years ago when I was still a young man. Secondly, that “we the people” had become used to collusion by the demonic party and simply DO NOT TRUST GOVERNMENT ANYMORE.

The contrarian’s point of view

The election does not belong to trump, Biden, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, the media, big tech, the elites, or anyone else. The election belongs to “WE THE PEOPLE”.  “We the people” have reason to, and in fact do suspect, this election was rife with fraud. We further contend there is no logical reason why we should not be pacified with a 50 state, live stream audit!!! (not recounts, those are like the IRS auditing someone and the auditee getting to dictate what the IRS can look at)

The burden of proof needs to be on the government.  Both the republican party and the demonic party need to prove to “we the people” that the election is above board. We demand transparency! We further think every member of the conservative party should be backing us, as we demand audits. What is the downside? Why would any  politician be against an audit unless they have cheated?

We think you should be backing Sir Donald because he is speaking for, “we the people”. But even if you do not back him, you should be backing us. Read the section above titled, “Electing Fraud prologue” look us in the eye and tell us we have no reason to be suspicious.

Our motto is 50 state live stream audit of civil war, because “we the people” deserve to be free! You might disagree, but do not tell us we are crazy, and have no justification for feeling this way. Can any one of you honestly say for certain that fighting a civil war, while we are still armed, and have the support of a large part, if not most of the military, is the wrong approach? How can you remain so certain that the establishment is not Viscount Halifax and the common man Winston Churchill? Will you take the time to convince us?

You state we should have faith in Barr, a straight shooter when he says the DOJ has uncovered no election fraud. We say no, we trust no one. We say prove it. Barr still has not put anyone in prison for the spying, and illegal targeting, of anyone who supported Trump during the last election. Barr investigated you say, we say Barr should lay it out for all to see, so “we the people” can judge what and how seriously the DOJ investigated, what were the findings and whether or not the findings are sufficient to prove this election was above board. I love Barr, but something is not right!

Lastly, Mr Cruz, you do not seem to realize that many republicans feel deserted by their party, and that the party is history if republicans do not stand up and fight in unity, and demand a transparent audit of all 50 states. Mr Cruz, in this Lin Wood is 100% correct, if we do not stand and fight now it is over!

If you bothered to read this far, I thank you for doing so. Ignore my cynicism, it comes from a good place.

by The Anti-Karl Marx

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  1. We have been attacked for 4 years and we are feed up with the lieing the censorship the lawlessness the corruption and the fraud all the time we are told to go vote let your voice be heard and then the fraud the lieing and then they say wil get them next time im 60 years old and i am tired of hearing that its time to stand up to this lawlessness there’s not going to be a next time
    if these monsters get in

    • We the people NEED to do the response-able thing and take control of our government back from the demonic rats and their “Republican” handlers known as DC. Both parties.

      We the people.

      thank you for reading and please support shop to the right. Send your friends our way!

  2. I totally agree! Thank you for this! Patriot’s need to RISE UP! These folks work for WE THE PEOPLE, not the other way around!
    Who’s country??
    OUR COUNTRY!!!!????????
    #WWG1WGA #SaveAmerica #stopthesteal #electionfraud

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