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Pet Life Mini Squeeze-N-Scoop Cat And Dog Lightweight Travel Pooper Scooper W/ Waste Bag Holder

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Easy one-handed pull and scoop

Features a built-in waste bag dispenser

Small and Lightweight, perfect for travel

Comes apart as 2 pieces for even easier storage

Nicely sized scooper, perfect for all sized dogs


Brand:Pet Life


The Pet Life Mini 'Squeeze-n-scoop' cat and dog lightweight pooper scooper w/ waste bag holder is great for those on-the-go travelers or those whom want an easier storage option than the larger conventional scoopers widely available. Keep your nose and hands away from those messy waste odors during pickup. Simply squeeze and the mess is solved in seconds. Features dual-coiled tensions for multi-surface waste pickup from grass to cement. Composed of exceptional lightweight and anti-stick plastic and features an actual built-in waste bag dispenser perfect for carrying a full roll! features a ergonomically contoured design. The scooper itself has a nice and reliable scooping mechanism and the scooper is wide enough to fit all sized fecal matter.

Sizing Guide: Size Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 3.93 x 3.93