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Joyoung DJ10E-K61 Superfine Grinding Soy Milk Maker Easy-Clean

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Human Interface Input Buttons
Wattage 1000 watts
Voltage 120 Volts
About this item
【Expert of soy milk maker】The world's leading brand in soy milk and small kitchen appliance technologies.
【Four-in-one Multifunction】 Enjoy soy milk, coffee, smoothies, congee, soup, and much more with just a button pressed away!
【Automatic self-cleaning 】Automatic self-cleaning after every procedure, simple and convenient for a hands-free and stress-free experience.
【Multiple Capacity】300/500/800/1000ml. Multiple capacity can reach the different need of different family.
【Preset Function】Delayed start timer to begin the day with a fresh cup of soy milk or accompany a meal with a hearty beverage.

Product description
1-year manufacture warranty
Feel free to contact us if there is any quality problems.
Product parameters
Product Name: Joyoung K61 Soy milk Maker
Model Number: DJ10U-K61
Color: Milk White
Rated Power/ Motor Power: 1000W/210W
Rated Voltage/ Rated Frequency: 120V/60Hz
Speed of the Blender: 20000 rpm
Capacity Range: 300ml, 500ml, 800ml, 1000ml
Product Measurements: 412mm*165mm*360mm
Net Weight: 6.3KG
What is included?
1.Main machine
2.Waste tank
3.Glass pot jug and lid
4.Water reservoir
5.Grinding compartment lid
6.Steam valve
7.Coffee filter
8.Measuring cup
9.English and Chinese Instruction manual

1. Please read the manual carefully before use. Please add the ingredients strictly according to the instructions to avoid overflowing, clogging of the nozzle, poor crushing and other conditions. (View 04-05 page)
2. The capacity of coffee, juice and hot water does not need to be preset. The default is 500ML for juice, 300ML for coffee and 500ML for hot water.
3. When using the juice function, do not put in too much fiber material (fruits need to be cut into small pieces) to avoid clogging the pulp nozzle.
4. The filter can only be used with the coffee function, other functions are disabled.
5. The waste liquid in the tank should be dumped in time to avoid overflowing.

What to do with E10 error:
E10 means the drain valve is blocked or there is a foreign object stuck
Please clean the drain valve or power off to clean, if it still alarms, feel free to contact us for repairment
Product Description