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Felix Moon Legit Liberal Swag Wagon Bundle

Original price $70.00 - Original price $70.00
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$70.00 - $70.00
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This is the Liberals dream wagon right here.

Felix Moon's official wagon which includes

  1. AOC Pinata

  2. Joe Biden’s Child Protection Agency Button

  3. Joe Biden’s Adult diapers

  4. Hon. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House Garbage Pails “government property”

  5. Inflatable  Monkeypox Monkey “Approved by the CDC”  approved by the CDC

  6. 5 woke poke pens

  7. Hunter Biden’s medical Pipes

  8. Hunter Biden’s Authentic Blow straws

  9. Kamala Word Salad Bowl

  10. Jen Psaki, circle back to you hula hoops

  11. AOC Airhead Beachball

  12. Kamala Harris Laughing Buttons

  13. Paul Pelosi Kazoos Breathalizer

  14. Nancy Pelosi Sobriety Checkpoint Vest

  15. Biden Naval Academy Hat (he claims to have been nominated to the Naval Academy)

  16. Nina’s Jankowicz Tamborine

  17. Adam Shift’s Eye Glasses

See more photos here!

Cost $50 Plus 20 Dollars shipping, a total of $70
(Special Note: Nancy Pelosi Pens not included. due to Nancy Pelosi Pens being on high demand, this product is only available by special orders. 703-845-1808)  

(Special Note 2: The products below are used for parody purposes only)