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Blue Buffalo Bursts Cat Treats Paw Lickin Chicken

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These delicious natural cat treats have two tantalizing textures. And unlike the leading brand, BLUE bursts start with real chicken , liver or salmon to create senstational flavorsno feline can resistSTARTS WITH REAL CHICKEN Unlike many other brands, these cat treats feature real meat as the first ingredient to tempt your feline friendTWO TEMPTING TEXTURES Give your cat the best of both worlds these crunchy cat treats feature a crunchy shell and a delicious creamy center cats cant resistHEALTHY CAT TREATS BLUE Bursts treats for cats are packed with the healthy, wholesome ingredients youll feel good about givingONLY WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS BLUE cat treats contain NO poultry by product meals, NO corn, wheat or soy, and NO artificial flavors or preservatives