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Korean Barbeque Beef Jerky



Our Korean Barbeque beef jerky is extremely tender and so authentic, you could seriously heat it up and serve it with rice for a fine authentic Korean Barbeque meal (and some of our customers have.) We were the first to introduce this incredible jerky flavor in 2016, and the popularity has birthed many copycats… but like always, there is only one original. When this flavor is cooking in the plant… the whole place fills with the incredible deliciousness of authentic Korean Barbeque.

Fresh garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, black pepper and natural smoke highlight the classic sweet, distinctive taste of Korean Barbeque. Your taste buds will come alive from the tender pieces of slow cooked sweet decadence.  Get a few extra bags and amaze your friends with a decadent gift they will never forget!

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