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Inflation Santa with a Christmas Message ~ Unique inflatable yard decoration


Sold by: Public Freedom

Apparently there will be a Santa shortage this year, because of Brandon (a.k.a Joe Biden). The forced vaccines, required masking of Santa and other unconstitutional mandates are driving Santa out of business! Now Santa has a message this Christmas. The liberal news media are trying to claim that no one is upset at the way Joe Biden is running the country and are trying to get people to buy lots this year though prices have gone up because of Biden’s inflation. Now is the time to inflate your own message!

This 7ft one-of-a-kind Inflatable Santa Claus, is coming through the chimney wearing a black t-shirt with the message: “Let’s Go Brandon!” It also has the unpolitically correct words: Merry Christmas! With these two messages out in your yard, it is the best choice for a unique Christmas blow up yard decoration, and will certainly delight all your neighbors and guests!

Shipping is $5  (rushed shipping to get it before Christmas will cost more).
*PLEASE NOTE: If you have your own Santa, shirts are also sold separately.