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Daddy is so Cool


Sold by: TL Suchman

This is a colorful book for Preschoolers about father’s Day. Showing there are other kinds of father’s like a Mom who is a father because her husband has passed, or husbands that cant, is home a lot. . Also Granpa’s who are dads also, there is [age about visiting Grandpa and Grandma with all their friends celebrating father’s day.
I also show the fun things families do on Father’s day, like going out to their favorite restaurants, Going Fishing with their kids and friends, cute father and son Sam and Scotty dinosaurs, and meeting other dinosaurs for Father’s day. Going to get Dad’s favorite ice cream at the ice cream truck, a crossing Guard Mom whose husband passed and now she works there., and the kids are so proud of her. also another mom who takes her children to the Zoo. And My Favorite Dad’s taking kids to look at the beautiful stars. You will see how many different kinds of Father’s day are celebrated. I hope you enjoy Daddy is so Cool! Happy Father’ Day!

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