How to list your business:

1) Choose A Plan

2) Create Your Listing

How to start selling: Vendor Dashboard

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Purchase eCommerce Partner Package


Create your business listing profile


Get approved by us to start selling


Set up your store on Shop To The Right


Create your products via the Dashboard

Vendor Dashboard

Create products, manage orders, make coupons, view reports and more!

Product Creation

Upload a product image, set a price, pick a category, choose tags to help your product get found, and then click create product!

Store Settings

Utilize your vendor dashboard to customize your new store. Upload unique banner and profile images. Control shipping options, return policies, payments and more.

View Your Store

Customers can contact you directly from your store page. They can view products, write reviews and even save you as a favorite.

View Your Products

Shoppers should now be able to find your products on our website. Keep an eye on your incoming orders.

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