Democratic Party growing unsure of President Biden

When a Democrat strategist recently noted that the party was “f***ed in the midterms if we don’t get s*** done soon,” it’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. Growing disillusionment and dissatisfaction with President Biden are increasingly plaguing the Democrat party, and concerns about that disillusionment spilling over into the upcoming midterm elections—now just over a year away—are already cropping up.

Multiple issues are colliding to give the Democrats a particularly difficult time of things, reports note. The combination of soaring inflation, bizarre unemployment levels, rising crime rates, the growing border crisis, and issues of where exactly Covid-19 came from and who really caused most of the country to be locked down for months at a clip last year are all coming back to haunt the left.

Some Dem strategists are already working to handwave the worst of the issues. Kelly Dietrich, founder of the National Democratic Training Committee and former Democratic fundraiser, noted that the problems currently being seen are little more than “…just frustration.” Meanwhile, word from established media noted that the “frustration” seen is immediately connected to “…a hangover after sweeping Trump from office and emerging from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Regardless of where this frustration emerges from, or what it can be attributed to, it’s still present, and signs suggest it’s starting to turn inward. A recent incident featured Mondaire Jones, Democrat and New York Representative, telling President Biden he needed to be more involved with extreme left policy. One such example was federalizing elections. Biden’s response, reports note, featured blank staring and very little actual dialogue. Meanwhile, famous Democrat firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also Democrat and New York, found Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent comments in the Northern Triangle “disappointing.”

Problems emerge for the Democratic Contenders

Further problems emerge for Democrat contenders as Biden’s 2022 ticket is proving unpopular in swing states, some of which are still disputing the results of the last election. Additionally, Biden is viewed as farther left than many expected, and these factors are helping to fuel Republican confidence going into the midterms.

With a slim majority in the House and a slimmer still majority in the Senate, 2022 is proving increasingly vital for the Democrats to have any hope of advancing their agenda. Third Way representative Matt Bennett noted that the Democrats, along with Biden, sorely needed to prove they were “…doing everything they possibly can to move the country forward, and they’ve got more work to do to make that case.”

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