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Simply Henry’s Pet Hair & Lint Remover Tool

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Lint Remover-Clean all of the unwanted hair and fuzz in your life in the matter of seconds. Can be used on the carpet, couch, in the car, and even on your clothes. Don't throw out old sweaters because they can now be transformed to look good as new. Material-The Simply Henry's pet hair and lint remover was designed with simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency in mind. We created a durable product using top of the line materials. The handle is made out of all natural wood, the blade is pure copper, and reinforced with stainless steel for a sleek yet durable finish. Eco Friendly- Our product requires no battery, it is manually operated. Our handle has been ergonomically designed to allow the user to apply the right amount of force to remove all the undesired hair and fuzz. Zero maintenance cost, no more batteries, no charging needed. Ease of Use-This lint remover is strong and durable yet also perfect for travel. The compact size of the product allows it to be the perfect travel companion. You never know when you might need to get rid of unwanted hair and fuzz.

*Not suitable for all materials.