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Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Pets Hanging Food Bowl Detachable Pet Cage Food Water Bowl with Clamp Holder

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**THOUGHTFUL DESIGN*:The crate dog bowl with round bowl design can be used as a crate food bowl or cage water bowl. With the clamp holder making it tightly fixed onto dog cage; cat cage; bird cage or other pet cage; which effectively helps avoid the dog bowl moving while eating.
**2 USING MODES*:Our crate dog bowl can be attached directly to the cage for easy feeding. Or simply use it as a basic bowl depending on your demand.
**FOOD-GRAND MATERIALS*:This crate dog bowl is fully made of food-grand; stainless steel materials; which is great in corrosion-resistant; heat-resistant performance and super safe for your lovely pet.
**WIDE APPLICAITON*:There are 3 sizes for your choice; such as Small; Medium; Large-size bowl. So our crate dog bowls can be used to dog; cat; rabbit; a bird; etc. as your demand.
**EASY TO USE AND CLEAN*:The crate dog bowl is removable for easy cleaning; filling up with food or removal. Simply release the clamp holder; and remove the stainless steel bowl for cleaning.


Product Type: Crate Dog Bowl
Material: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Plate Length: 6cm/ 2.36in
Small Bowl Size: 10x10x4.5cm/ 3.94x3.94x1.77in (L×W×H)
Medium Bowl Size: 12x12x5cm/ 4.72x4.72x1.97in (L×W×H)
Large Bowl Size: 15x15x6.5cm/ 5.91x5.91x2.56 (L×W×H)
Small Bowl Weight: 113g/ 0.25lbs
Medium Bowl Weight: 139g/ 0.31lbs
Large Bowl Weight: 185.5g / 0.41lbs

*Package Lists*:

1 x Crate Dog Bowl
1 x Clamp Holder