We are America’s alternative shopping solution, connecting Patriotic Americans with companies that proudly support freedom, capitalism, and the American way.

We believe that our government’s responsibility is to guarantee freedom of opportunity, and equality under the law for all. Our constitution represents the founding fathers’ documentation limiting the powers of the federal government to areas where local governance would not be effective, such as military and border control. While the United States has not always perfectly adhered to its founding values, it has achieved tremendous good for society, including the creation of the wealthiest, most secure middle class in recorded world history. With each generation, our government has become less intrusive, and more accepting of individuals of all nationalities, religion, race, gender, and sexual preference.

However, over time, spurred on by the MSM (mainstream media), our traditional American morals and values have become increasingly under attack. In recent years, the tyranny-loving “liberals” have created “cancel culture” to keep Americans who disagree with their tyrannical ideas in line, so that they can continue to erode our freedoms.


Our site gives YOU a voice and the ability to play a part in bringing our country back to emphasizing traditional values. The site was created with the goal of highlighting companies that have not bowed to the anti-American idols of the left, and to encourage you, the consumer, to support freedom loving, American companies while reducing our reliance on companies that have tied the knot with the liberal left.

We also aim to reaffirm our first amendment rights by allowing for an anonymous forum where Americans can post incidences of corporate corruption or corporate trends of acting in servitude to the morally corrupt left, without the fear of cancelation or reprisal.


If you agree and recognize Judeo-Christian values, which have been embedded in the fabric of these United States of America, the greatest guarantor of freedom, creator of wealth and equality that the modern world has ever seen, we implore you to join us in sharing your voice and your purchasing power by committing to shopping, whenever possible, only with companies that publicly and unabashedly share our American values of free